Association for Humanitarian Development is a civil society humanitarian organization, working to bring peace, justice, harmony and community development in rural and poor communities since 2002-2003. AHD executive board and young professionals developed new tools & techniques to initiate cheap and innovative development in vulnerable communities, in this regard below giving links will help you to support / donate to our small scale projects which directly focusing to improve water & sanitation, health, village livelihood security, women empowerment, girls education and leadership, disaster relief, flood victims support, Sustainable Development Initiative for Tharparkar, low cost housing specially based or traditional housing, tree plantation and agricultural development projects. You all support and donations direct support our cause to bring quick change in vulnerable communities of Sindh Pakistan.

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Donate to AHD Village Development Model or its Activities Separately

AHD Village Development Model Activities

  1. Capacity Building rural communities through male & female Group/Organizing CBOs/SHG
  2. Promotion of Nadi Filter technology in rural communities to access safe and clean drinking water
  3. Fuel-Efficient Stoves Cooking Technology for the safe and smoke free coking environment
  4. Kitchen Gardening at Household level to reduce malnutrition in women and children & promotion of agriculture in male groups
  5. Education & Adult Literacy Centers in remote areas
  6. Promotion of Useful Animals Breeds through women groups in rural areas
  7. Low cost sanitation / toilets
  8. Low cost shelter / traditional housing
  9. Agriculture & tree plantation in farming communities
  10. Vocational Trainings (Tailoring, Barber, Blacksmith, Carpenter as well as Rally making)

Impact of the Village Development Model (VDM)

  • On the completion of the project they can be able to run their own micro projects through village based CBO in their village and will be able continue the project activities.
  • Skills transferred among the beneficiaries.
  • They will be organized and able to take decision on village level.
  • Interfaith harmony will be promoted.
  • Start thinking.
  • Coordination/communication improved among the beneficiaries.
  • Adult Literacy School will be constructed in their village and will be use full for subsequent generation. Schools will be used as a Place where they can sit/gather for any development activities in their village which previously not in practice.
  • Schools will be used as a Place where they can sit/gather for any development activities in their village which previously not in practice.
  • Reading/writing/counting capacity will be increased among the Women.
  • Identification of their basic needs and wants
  • Promotion of the marketing
  • Long term relief from the money lenders.
  • Improvement in health condition through safe drinking water, Smokeless Stoves and Kitchen Gardening to getting fresh vegetable.
  • Able to sensitize government to solve their problems.
  • Strong linkages will be developed among the Government Department.
  • Job opportunity will be increased
  • Able to support their family
  • Future will be moving towards saved

Estimated Budget for one Model village (30 families) within one year time period

S.No. Description Unit Pak. Amount
1. Community Organizing CBO/SHG 01 Rs. 20,000/-
2. Nadi filter unit for safe drinking water 30 Rs. 48,000/-
3. Fuel-Efficient Stoves for women 30 Rs. 15,000/-
4. Kitchen Gardening Kits 30 Rs. 24,000/-
5. Education & women adult literacy centers 30 30,000/-
6. 6. Animal Breeds Goats kids 30 Rs. 150,000/-
7. Low cost latrines 04 Rs. 32,000/-
8. Low cost shelter / traditional housing 30 Rs. 720,000/-
9. Agriculture & tree plantation 30 Rs. 10,000/-
10. Women sewing & skill training center 01 Rs. 24,000/-
11. Follow up visits Monitoring*15,000/- p.m. 06 Rs. 90,000/-
12. 12. 1 Field workers salaries*Rs. 10,000/- 06 Rs. 60,000/-
13. 1 Vehicle fuel & maintenance only 02 Rs. 40,000/-
Total Proposed Budget for 30 families 1,263,000 only US $ 12,630/-

Bank Account of AHD to Send Support / Donation via Online

Name of Account: Association for Humanitarian Development (AHD)
Account Number: 0059-01-02-1502057
IBAN Number: PK91SONE0005901021502057
Branch: Soneri Bank Latifabad Branch
Address: Plat No. 3/H, Ghauri Dream City, Latifabad Hyderabad, Pakistan